Introducing the Snode Children

Heather Trojahn is interning with us for a few months and has a been a big help watching our children.  As a parent, it is sometimes hard to be unbiased in your description of your children, but Heather does a great job describing our children below.  I thought might enjoy what she wrote on her blog.

The week before last, I had the great privilege of watching the Snode children while Travis and Teri took a trip to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. We practically had a full week together. After that insane week, I thought I should tell you all about them. I feel like I should have written down all the funny things they did and cute thing that were said! No matter how hard I try, I will never be able to capture their personalities in words.

Take note of the above picture. While Travis and Teri were gone, I took them to a play place and gave them 50 pence each to get their faces painted. This is how they came back to me. This makes me smile because it really shows who they are.

Grant Snode

Grant is 7 years old and quite a handsome boy (he would die if he read this). He is all boy in that he loves to gross his sisters out and tell them scary stories. It’s all knights, dragons, and all things disgusting! He has a very creative side too. He loves to read and write. He’s left handed and has better handwriting than a lot of adults! Grant loves to draw and make books and he does an amazing job! His new thing is making plays and casting his sisters into different rolls. He got saved a while back and he’s told me about how he has talked to his friends about Jesus and being a Christian. Grant already takes up the offering at church and works the powerpoint for the songs!  He also has a great collection of jokes!

Darci Snode

Darci is 4 years old and she is completely a princess in every way. If she could have her hearts desire, she would be wearing fancy dresses and tiaras for the rest of her life. In Darci’s world, nothing bad can happen. With Grant’s plays, there is a plot, a crisis point where someone has to be rescued. In Darci’s plays, there is singing and  twirling and then she meets her prince and there is more singing and twirling about how much she loves her prince. It is insanely cute. She loves drawing and crafts just like Grant. Darci is generally the first one to be mummy’s helper and her heart is absolutely broken if you look at her sternly. She just got saved a little over a month ago right in the middle of Sunday school. She couldn’t wait any longer. She can sometimes get caught up in her fantasy world and it’s hard to get her out of it. Her head is totally in the clouds with princesses, fairies, pink everything, and all things wonderful and glittery.

There is definitely part of me that can relate to Darci. I like pretty things too.

Cali Snode

Cali is 2. I call her my “mini me” because we have matching curly hair. Grant is all boy, and Darci is all girl, and Cali is the wild card. One minute, she’s all princesses and dresses and the next minute, she’s Robin Hood! She has an insane sense of humor and actually understands and thinks that sarcasm is funny. She can either be the sweetest thing ever, or she can be really bad. She just has that streak of stubborn in her personality (sound like anyone else?). She loves puzzles (also like me) and she can put a 25+ piece puzzle together all by herself! Unlike Grant and Darci, she could care less about crafts and is not too interested in trying to be like them. You could probably have a fairly adult conversation with Cali. She’s pretty much one of the most advanced 2 year olds that I’ve met. She sits with me in church and during the songs she just stares at me, trying to read my lips so she can know the words too. She loves to sing and she does such a good job (just like her mother).

All three of them have the cutest Irish accent and vocabulary that will be able to get anything from unsuspecting Americans who will just melt at every syllable. Travis and Teri are such a wonderful picture of great, godly parents. I know because I have godly parents!  I am so thankful that they have let me be part of their family and trusted me to take care of their kids every now and then. It is really such an honor and joy and I am dreading the day that I have to leave them!

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