Exciting News from Honduras

Here is an update from Bro. Evan Williams, a missionary that we support to Honduras.  Please read how God is working and blessing there.

Dear Supporting Pastors;

Greetings in Christ.  What a time of blessing we have had since last we wrote.  Last weekend, at the study for the blind I truly felt that God spoke through His word, as we left the class with the challenge of “Where would you spend eternity should Christ return or call you out of this world, before we would next meet.”

On Monday one of our students, a 22yr. old asked for permission to come up to our home to talk with me as that challenge had left him thinking. At the end of his visit we had talked over his fears and I challenged him once more as to where he would be in eternity.  He looked at me and said, I will be in Hell!!.  Then he said, “Pastor I need to be saved.”  He himself prayed, what a joy to hear him express his remorse for his sin and acceptance of Christ as his savior.

On Wednesday night, after our midweek study with the blind, another of the students, a fifteen yr. old boy, asked if he could talk with me.  He shared that after the study at the weekend he had got to thinking about his destiny in Eternity.  He said, “Pastor I realized that if I were to die I would go straight into Hell!!.  I decided then and there that it was time to ask Jesus to be my savior.”  I talked with him about this and went through a few scriptures with him then we prayed that God would bless him with the knowledge of the assurance of salvation.

On Wednesday night also one of the young women, a  26 yrs. old mother, that has been attending the studies and church came up to Carmen and asked her if she could visit us on Friday afternoon.  Friday came and during her visit she shared with both Carmen and I how that many years ago she had asked Christ to be her savior.  She admitted that she had gotten away from the Lord and after the meeting at the weekend felt that if she were to die she would got to Hell.  We quizzed her about her salvation experience but realized that she had truly accepted Christ but had never been discipled.   What a joy to be able to share with her from the scriptures that even though she had failed her Lord yet He would never fail her.  We read through the scriptures and finally she prayed, rededicating her life to Christ.  What a change took place in her life as she left confident in her Lord and the salvation he had given her.

Saturday came and God put in my heart to contact another of the students, a 58yr old man for whom I had been praying and who has been attending our church as well as the studies.  When I called him he said, “I was wanting to make contact with you, I would like to talk”.  When I pick him up he was ready to accept Christ.  He said “Pastor I have been a Catholic all my life but what I am hearing from you I have never heard from any priest.  Pastor I need to get saved, for if not I am going to Hell for sure.”  What a joy to lead him in the sinners prayer as he accepted Christ into his life.

Three of these souls (the 15 yr. old had to go to classes) along with the other blind student who had accepted Christ three weeks ago came out to our Services today, accompanied by four other students.  When, at the end of the morning service, I asked if anyone would like to give public testimony of salvation, one by one they all came up to the Front and give testimony of having been saved or restored.  One other of the students, who we knew professed Christ, came forward also and said that he too had gotten away from the Lord and had strayed.  He said, “Since studding the bible with Pastor Evan, God has pricked my heart and I too have rededicated my life to my Lord.  May their testimony challenge their fellow students who were listening.  Another lady, who has been attending church for some time now, and for whom we have been praying, also came out to the front and professed to having accepted Christ.  I spoke with her afterwards and have arranged to visit.  What rejoicing took place after we were dismissed in prayer.

Pastors, all of this has happened because you, our sending churches, have helped us financially to reach these dear souls for our Lord here in Honduras.  On their behalf I want to thank you for having a vision for their souls and to ask you to continue to prayer for the many others we are in contact with, who need to be reach.
until or next contact, may you all continue to know God’s richest blessing.

Yours in Him.

Evan and Carmen Williams
BIMI Missionaries to Honduras

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