Keeping Praying for the Williams to Honduras

Here is an udpate from our missionaries, Evan & Carmen Williams, to Honduras:

Dear Supporting Pastors;

I do trust that you are all well and rejoicing in the Lord.  Well we have arrived back in Honduras as of last Friday and how God has been blessing.  First, on the way home to Honduras we stopped off in the USA to post down our Braille paper then when we got into the country the customs official asked me what I had in my cases.  I told him that I had both my laptop and printer, and started to open the case for him.  He stopped me and said “you may go on, I don’t need to see them”.  What a blessing, Praise God with us for this answer to prayer.

Since getting the printer back home I have been working on learning how to use it and today I have printed off our first study.  Tomorrow I am taking it down to the school for the blind to have the Braille teacher read it for me to see if I have done it right.  The school has agreed to allow us to use the dinning room for the study with the students and this weekend is our first class.  The students seemed pleased to hear that I was back and today I had a meeting with them to finalizes times etc. for the study.  They seem to be very interested.  Pray that many of them, if not all will come to know Christ through this ministry.

We now have 11 sponsors for our students.  That number goes up to 13 since I was able to save $900 on our printer by buying it when we were home in Ireland.  Pray that we might get the remaining 3 sponsors before November, when we will be giving out the bibles.

Sunday was a great day.  We had thirty out including ourselves.  During visitation this week two ladies have said that they will come out to our meetings.  Pray with us that this might be so.

God is good and we continue to move forward with the building project.  An architect in Washington State has come forward to help us with our planing needs and we still await offers of work teams.  My son volunteered, since the employment situation in Ireland is none starter for Carpenters, to come out and help us.  As he speaks Spanish he will be looking after the site needs and getting the bases put in for the building as well as helping with any work teams that come down.

Deborah, our daughter was able to get her things together in time and we helped her get them over to Honduras in our cases.  So she is all set now to begin teaching in her school next week.  She has already started to help us in our work here with the children.  What a blessing to have both our children with us at this time.

May God continue to bless in all your own ministries and we look forward to what God is going to do for us all.   Once more thank you for all your prayers and support. 

Yours in Him.

Evan and Carmen Williams
BIMI Missionaries to Honduras

Apartado de Correos
P.O. Box 30116
Zona Toncontin
Tegucigalpa, M.D.C.
Republica de Honduras C.A.   

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