October Update: Williams to Honduras

Here is an update from the Evan Williams family to Honduras:

Dear Supporting Pastors;

Well where do I start?  Since our last letter several things have been happening here, both good and not so good.

The good news is that two more students from our bible study group at the school for the blind came to Christ, one of which was Samuel, the young man who visited our home several weeks ago and who decided to think over his position before Christ.  Thank you for praying for him and praise our God with us that he did come through.  The other student, a 41 yr. old, said he had come to speak with me as he wanted to share that after one of our meetings, the previous week, he had returned to his room and had asked Christ to be his savior.  Rejoice with us that two more souls are ready for heaven.

The government here decided that they would close all public schools one month earlier than usual and as a result the school for the blind had to close it’s doors and send the pupils home last Friday.  This took everyone by surprise and we were not ready for their gift day when we were to give them their bibles.  They all understood and we have agreed that when they all come back next February 2010 we will hold the gift day for them.  I also asked if they would like to continue the studies, with out an incentive.  All sixteen students said that they would.  Praise God with us for this interest and pray with us that next year we might be able to restart a beginners class, for any new students that may want to study as well.

We are fast approaching the 1st. anniversary, as it was on the last Sunday in November 2008 that we began the work.  Unfortunately this year is election year and the voting day is the 29th and with the political unrest we have decided to put off our celebration until the second Sunday in December.  Pray for this as one of our Spanish speaking supporting pastors has agreed to be our speaker. The following Sunday, after that, we will be holding our very first Missions Conference, when we will be lunching our own faith Missions giving programme  with our congregation.  Pray with us as we prepare the hearts of our people and that God will truly bless these events.

I continue to work on the papers that I need to resubmit to the local township, for our proposed building.  Pray that I will get them all ready for the next council meeting during the first week in November.  Should they be approved then we will be moving to the next step which will be the approval from the historical society, should they agree to our propose building then we should have the go ahead from the township at their next council meeting in December.  Be remembering all this in your prayers.

Once more we do thank the Lord for you all and for your faithful support and prayers.  May the Lord bless each and every one of you.

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