Update from Evan Williams

This is from our missionary, Evan Williams, to Honduras:

What a blessing to be able to share with you all once more what God is doing in and through us here. These last two weeks have been such an encouragement as we have seen numbers increase in our different meetings, excellent opportunities to present the gospel to the lost and to finally see some positive movement on our accommodation needs.

At both our bible studies in Santa Lucia and El Hatillo we have seen our numbers increase by two but on Thursday night in Tegucigalpa we saw an extra 8 people coming out, giving us a total of 25 at that study. Sunday morning too has seen an increase and last week we had of 59 people in our meetings despite the fact that we had 10 of our regulars missing. What a joy to see how God is bringing people under the sound of his word and in Santa Lucia where the number of strong contacts now stands at 31. Pray with us as we continue to develop this work.

As we visit the homes in this town God has given Carmen and I some wonderful opportunities for the Gospel. We have long since befriended one of the business men here and in recent days he has been presenting us to his family also. Last week I had another long chat with him about his soul and the spiritual need of both himself and his family. I thought that perhaps my frankness would make him withdraw from us but if anything it has brought him closer. He and his dear wife have said that once we get somewhere to meet on Sunday nights they will start to come out to our meetings. Pray for this man as he knows he needs to be saved but his busy shop hours keep him back form taking that step.

I was informed that one of our neighbors had suffered a stroke and so I went in to visit with him and had a wonderful opportunity to present Christ. He chose not to accept the Lord into his life then and there but has asked me to come back and talk with him some more. I left him with a gospel tract and will go in to see him again next week. Pray with us that he will come through for Christ.

We have also been witnessing to a young man who works in the local hardware shop. As I went past the other day I saw he was on his own and so went in and struck up a conversation with him. What a joy to present Christ and he shared with me that he had attended several pentecostal churches in the town but was not in agreement with their teachings. I was able to point out to him that our relationship is with God not men and that he should not use his negative experiences as an excuse to stop searching. He said that he would come out to our meetings some time but just now he wants to get things sorted in his life. Pray for this young man as we have witnessed many times to him but this was the first time he really opened up to me.

Praise God with us that He has blessed us with a building. We have found a Ranch type home (Bungalow) on the out skirts of town which will provide us with enough space for our extended ministries. Sunday mornings may be a problem with the numbers that we have coming out but with children’s church (30+ Children) meeting in one of the other rooms we should be able to fit everyone into the Living/dinning room. Pray with us as we move next Monday that God would confirm it with more salivations and numbers of souls coming to our meetings.

May God continue to bless you all in the work he has called you to do. We rejoice at your faithfulness through prayer and support.

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