Update from Evan Williams in Honduras

Here is an update from our missionary to Honduras:

Dear Supporting pastors and Church families;

In response to my last request for your prayers, God has moved yet again in Salvation.  I was preaching on Acts 8:26-40 last Sunday and when I got to the end of the sermon and made an appeal, Mario, the man I asked prayer for, came forward for salvation counseling and give his life to the Lord.  What a difference this has made in his life and today he was at the bible study here in Santa Lucia with his bible under his arm and a big smile on His face.

There was also an added blessing, Mario’s daughter, who was sitting at the front of her father, came forward first, when I gave the pulpit call, she is only four years old and is in Carmen’s Sunday school class.  She was clear as to what she wanted, she wanted to accept Christ and know that she will go to heaven.  As Carmen and I talked with her we could see the concern in her face but when she asked Christ into her life she had a big smile and her mother says that when she got home she lifted the phone and rang her Granny, who is unsaved, to tell her she had accepted Christ into her life and that she now knows that she will go to heaven one day to be with Jesus Her Granny has said that she will come to church with her next week, so pray for that contact as well.

Another young boy, seven years old, came forward, but upon counseling I found that he had already made a profession with his father a few months back and only lacked security.  After counseling him he went away, contented with his parents.  What a joy to be used of God in these ways to meet the spiritual needs of His people.

Please be in Prayer regarding the opportunity that I have a sharing the Gospel message with students at the school for the blind here in the town.  I praise God after one of my visits a young man came to our service on Sunday morning.  It turns out he is a believer and he was over joyed with our congregation and the service.  He says he will be back and hopes to bring others with him.  Pray for this and for the needed material that I am going to have to source in order to pursue this opening. 

Unfortunately there does not seem to be much out there in the way of sound Gospel material and study aids in Braille.   This is leading me to the conclusion that I am going to have to think about getting my own Braille printer, $3,295.00, in order to print off my own material.  The cheapest Braille bible that I can source, and that is in English, costs $300, but as I can’t get a reliable Spanish bible in Braille I know I  could print of the translation we use in our church.  I would only have to print of ten bibles and that would cover the cost of the printer and I would still be able to print my study aids etc.  I have therefore been seeking to get permission from the American Bible Soc., who hold the copyright, to see if they will give me permission to print these bibles but as yet I have been unable to speak with anyone who can guide me in that process.  Tomorrow I hope to ring another office at their head quarters in New York.  Pray for me that they may give this permission.

Well as you can see we are seeking to be your faithful representatives to take the gospel to the needy souls of Santa Lucia.  I trust that you will continue to cover us in your prayers and seek God’s face to awaken the hearts of the lost.


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