Update from Evan Williams to Honduras

Dear Supporting Pastors;

Greetings in Christ’s name.  We continue to witness the hand of God in our ministry here and we pray that He will continue to keep us in the center of His will.

Praise God with us that our prayers were answered regarding last week’s elections, everything  remained peaceful.  The people turned out to put the past behind them and to forge a new future for Honduras.  Just pray with us that as the new president would take his leadership of the country in January, that he would be given the wisdom of God to unite his people once more.

Last Wednesday we had the wonderful privilege of sharing the Gospel with two sisters, one of which is in the final stages of Stomach Cancer.  The lady next door, who has been coming to church now for the last two months but as yet has not made a profession of Faith in Christ, asked us if we would go and see her sister with her.  It was obvious that the lady did not know we were coming but as her sister introduced us she received us with courtesy.  After speaking with her for a while I asked her if she was ready for eternity to which she replied “I hope so”, that was the opening I was praying for.  As I shared with her that she could be sure by confessing her sin and accepting Christ as her savior, she listened attentively, as did her sister who had brought us.  Please pray for these two ladies, that both will come to understand the claims of Christ upon their lives and that they would surrender to Him in Salvation.

God answered our prayers Last Friday also, when He give us the privilege of leading yet another soul to Christ.  In our last update we asked prayer for the family that walk an hour and a half to get to our Monday night bible studies.  Last Monday Carmen and I felt that God had spoken to the wife’s heart and even thought she did not speak with us afterward God placed on my heart that we should go and visit with them.  They received us with open arms and as we talked I turned the conversation around to the Gospel.   When I asked her where she would spend eternity she said, ” Pastor I have been wanting to speak with you about that, last Monday night I felt God speaking with me about my soul and I know I need to be saved.”  What a joy to be able to lead her to Christ.  Her husband also listened to me as I shared with him the Gospel but he said that he was not ready to accept Christ just yet.  Pray for these two dear souls, that she might be a witness to her husband and that he might soon come to Christ.

Things with our building project are becoming very frustrating.  Even though we began asking about permissions and their requirements back in May of this year we keep getting more information about what we need to produce.  Now it seems that we are going to have to employ a draftsman to organize all the Tech drawings into a special format require by the township here.  All of this will have it’s effect on the costs and I have come to the conclusion that we need to secure the purchase of the Land before we would take it any further.  I have approached the owners about this, explaining that we would be prepared to buy when building permissions were granted by the township.  They have come back to me with a positive reply and are getting the field valued so that they can let me know how much they want for it.  Pray with us about this please, that God will allow us to secure this Land for His glory and that the price might be reasonable.

Everything is now set of next week’s anniversary service and we have received eleven applications for Baptism.  Pray for all of this that the Church family might be blessed and encouraged.

May God continue to bless each one of you and thank you once more for your confidence is sending us to these wonderful people with the Gospel of Christ.  May He continue to guide you also in the work He has for you.

Yours in Him.

Evan and Carmen Williams

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