Update from Missionary Francis Cosgrave to Philippines

Dear pastor and church,

Nida has returned to the Philippines. Her father Mr.Taladua is in need of her personal attention. His illness has advanced to the point where he is now dependent on the intake of oxygen twice daily, along with a new contrail of drugs. The kids and I miss mummy so much, but we are coping well with the knowledge of our return back to the Philippines to join mummy by April 010. Nida will be assisting the Bajau to varnish the whole of the church building starting this week. If we put this job off to long then a wood bug will destroy the structure. Nida will also be starting a new women’s Bible study in the church soon. Please pray for this. The most faithful people in the church are the women & the children. Please pray also for the health of a very faithful Bajau brother Mr. Abdul Adrenalin. He has some serious kidney problems causing his whole body to swell up.

Recently my family & I returned from Spain after presenting our missions film “Bajau Sea Gypsies” to some Spanish churches all over the county. Sometimes a whole church were in tears, sometimes they clapped and often Nida and I were swamped by church members requesting a copy of the DVD, many were South Americans who wished to bring a copy back to there home land to tell the Bajau missionary story there. Soon I will make copies of the DVD and give one copy to each church as a free gift of thanks & appreciation for your faithful support & prayers.

Evangelist Dax Baarde & Bro Tiro is overseeing the Bajau Baptist Church in our absence. The attendance is still maintaining an averaging of 80-100 on Sundays. Also several have being saved over the past few months and some are developing into evangelists themselves boldly proclaiming the gospel throughout their community.

I had surgery last September 29th in Dublin to take out the full implant in my leg. If I waited much longer, the implant would become part of my bone. A few days after the surgery the leg did become quite badly infected, and it took the whole month of October to recover. But thanks to your prayers, I believe I will be soon be back to full health & fitness.

“Having many things to write unto you, I would not write with paper and ink: but I trust to come unto you, and speak face to face, that our joy may be full.” 2 John 12.


Francis Cosgrave

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