Update from Williams in Honduras

God is blessing the work in Honduras. Please keep the Evan and Carmen Williams, our missionaries to Honduras in your prayers.

Greetings from Honduras once more. We rejoice at what God continues to do in and through our ministry here and we wanted our supporting pastors to know how we have been blessed.

Praise God with us that we have seen Him move through our new bible club ministry to the children on Saturday mornings. At the end of our last meeting a young girl of 11 came up to Carmen and I to say that she wanted to accept Christ into her life. What a joy it was to lead her to the foot of the cross and hear her confess her sinful state and accept the savior. Pray for this young girl that God would help her to grow and for us that we might be able to provide her the spiritual tools she will need.

We had the blessing of a visit from our BIMI Central American Director and he was able to speak at three of our meetings as well as visit with some of our contacts. All of the believers enjoyed his ministry and were encouraged by it. Despite the absence on Sunday morning of six of our regulars we had a full house, all the sixty seats were full with quite a number of the children had doubled up on theirs while several adults had to stand at the back until the kids went out to children’s church. Two new couples and one young man were presented to the congregation for the first time and all five were out to our Monday night bible study to hear our brother speak once more. At last nights bible study in Santa Lucia we also had a visit from a gentleman that I have been witnessing to for over a week now. Pray that these new contacts might continue coming and that those who are unsaved might come to Christ soon.

Our new ministry of children’s church, under the leadership of my daughter, has been a wonderful success. We now have 37 children on our role, all of whom stay after Sunday school to attend this ministry. The parents are so relieved to be able to enjoy the morning service and it has made a great difference to the attention levels in the meetings.

Yesterday God moved to help us open up our youth ministry. I received an invitation from the Director of the night school in Santa Lucia to meet with her. She would like me to help the school with voluntary counseling secessions, as she feels that there is a great spiritual need amongst her night students. She professes to be a believer and attends a Methodist church in the town. When I asked her why she did not ask her own Minister to do this work she said that she was not qualified for such a ministry. We agreed that as director of the school she would call a school assembly with the students and that she would give me the opportunity to preach the gospel to all 150 of them and to inform them that Carmen and I are available should any of them wish to talk. The school will provide the gymnasium and audio equipment and we will have complete freedom to preach what we feel God would have us say. Pray that we might be able to develop this ministry also.

The date we agreed, March 5th, for the school assembly coincides with the visit from one of our supporting pastor from Puerto Rico. As he is a natural Spanish speaker I agreed with her that I would invite him to be the preacher. I was able to speak with him last night about this and he is delighted to be of service. Pray much that God will move in this area and that the youth might be reached with a clear gospel presentation.

As you can see God continues to confirm His blessing upon our ministry here. Pray with us that we might remain in step with the Spirit’s leading and that many souls will come to Christ. Thank you yet again for having enabled us to reach these people and for your faithful prayers and support.

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