Update from Williams in Honduras

Please be in prayer for our missionaries. Here is their latest update.

Greetings in Christ Once more.

Many thanks for the many cards and emails for our 26th wedding anniversary last month, we pray that you will all pass on our thanks to your congregations for remembering us in this tangible way.  Carmen also adds her own thanks for the cards and emails for her birthday which was the first in 26 years that she has spent in the presence of all her own family and in her own country.  Just watching them all on that big day brought home the sacrifice my wife has paid all these years we have been together serving the Lord in Europe, what a privilege though to be back serving Him now in Honduras.

Thanks too for all your calls and emails asking after our safety.  We are both well and things always look worse in the News than what they really are in country.  Other than the curfews in the evenings one would not even know that anything had happened or is.  Pray for the new interim president as he and the congress stand resolute not to allow the x-president back into power.  Pray too that the evil threats by communist countries on our boarders come to nothing.

We will be out of the country until July 22nd on vacation, which we had already planned several months ago to coincide with our daughters transfer from Ireland over to Honduras, to take up her post in the American Christian school here in Tegucigalpa, the Capital.   We do praise God for the opportunity of seeing my family for this sort time, but please do pray that the believers I have left in charge while I am gone, that they follow the bible studies I have prepared for them to share with the congregation.  We are also going to take advantage of this trip to bring back the new braille printer I was able to buy off a dealer in the UK for $900 cheaper than I could get it in the USA.  Please pray that when I arrive in customs, back in Honduras, they will not give me any real hassle about this piece of equipment in my suitcase.

Once more we do thank you all for what you do for us in both your prayers and needed support.  May God continue to bless you all.

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