Update from Williams to Honduras

Here is the latest update from our missionaries.  Please be in prayer for Evan & Carmen Williams.

Dear Supporting Pastors;

What a joy it is to be able to write to you all once more. 

The director of the school for the blind has given us permission to hold our studies for the students in their dinning room, praise God for this as it saves us renting a hall.  We held our first study with the Blind last weekend and what a joy.  Eleven of them turned up and we held the class again during the week to serve the five that are away from the school at the weekends.   Despite that this class was a repeat, three students returned, as they had enjoyed their meeting so much.  Out of these studies two more students have said they will be out with us for our Sunday services, so praise God for that.  Continue to pray with us that God will save souls.  The students were especially taken a  back by the fact that we had the study printed up in Braille, one young man said, during the class, that “This is the first time I have every had a bible study that I can follow and take part in”.  Another thanked us after the meeting saying ” I have wanted to study the bible for many years and you are the first that has taken the time to teach me.”  All of this is due to the generous offerings we have received to sponsor these students. 

On Sunday last we had six new visitors out at our meetings, two of which were from the school for the blind. Despite the fact that six of our own were away we still had a congregation of 31.  I even had the biggest Sunday school class I have had since arriving in the country.  Pray that these numbers will continue to grow. 

The lady that came from the school, with her baby, is a resident in Santa Lucia.  She shared with us how she had lost her sight.  As a young girl she was out and about when she was attacked by three men, raped, shot in the head and left for dead.  The bullet went through the front of her skull taking out both her eyes, her sense of smell and her sense of taste.  During the meeting she asked for prayer that she would get her life right before God.  She shared with Carmen that several years ago both she and her husband had come to Christ  but had gone cold over the years.  I was able to visit with her husband during the week and challenged him to come to our meeting.  He has promised that he would come with her as she shared with him the blessing that she had received, Pray that he might keep that promise.

Before our summer break I shared with you how one man had come out to our meetings and had said that he enjoyed them.  Since the upheaval in the country he has not been back, although his wife continues to come.  Pray with us that as I go to visit him tomorrow that God will move him to come back out under the sound of his word.

Praise God that as we move forward he is using us to reach precious souls for His glory.  Thank you for all your support and prayers.

Yours in Him.

Evan and Carmen Williams
BIMI Missionaries to Honduras

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