Update from Williams to Honduras

We trust that as you read through this our latest prayer letter that God will rejoice your hearts with what He is doing.


God continues to shower His blessings upon us each week as we seek to serve him here in Honduras.  Since our last communique  we have seen him move in the lives of two souls, bringing them to Christ for salvation and we have also begun the second level of our bible course for the blind students for which we request your help.

Children’s meeting:

On Saturday past we had our best attendance ever at bible club.  A total of 28 children came out, three first timers for which we praise God.  After the meeting an eleven year old boy, who hasn’t missed a meeting since we started, came to me wanting to ask Christ into his life as his Savor.  After taking him through the plan of salvation he was very clear and when asked if he wanted to go away and think it over he said no, he wanted to ask Christ into his life there and then.  Rejoice with us at this answer to prayer.  Pray with us for this boy as he is from a Catholic home and even at his age does not know how to read or write.  Pray also that God might show us how we might help him with this area of his life also.

Ministry to the blind:

As you all know we have recently begun bible studies at church on Wednesday nights to which both saved and unsaved come.  It is a good opportunity to get the Blind students in who have professed faith in Christ and for the others who want to listen.  After last weeks meeting one of the blind students, the first who ever came to our church but who’s parents took him out of school before we began our bible study last year, came up to me and said that he wanted to accept Christ into His life.  He said that he had always believed in Christ and that going to church was what would get him into Heaven but since he started coming to our meetings again this year God had shown him that he had never repented of his sin and called upon the Lord for salvation and that he wanted to do that now.  What a joy to be used of God to guide him through the plan of Salvation and hear him call upon the name of our Lord.  Rejoice with us as he wants to be baptized as do five other Blind students.  The school has an enrollment of 35 students and with this young man’s conversion 10 are now walking with Christ through the ministry that God has given to us with them.  Please pray for the others that we are reaching each week.

On Sunday nights we have commenced the second level of studies for our blind students and others who want to come.  Of the original 18 blind students, with whom we began this ministry last year, only 12 want to continue this year.  We believe that this is because we have moved the study from the school to our church building, as more people from the town wanted to attend and the school only allows the students to use their hall, so the students who are Charismatic Catholics do not want to be seen meeting with the Baptists.  We believe that this sacrifice is necessary so that the ministry might grow and reach others.  To these 12 we have been able to add the other 2 blind men from the town that we had during the schools winter recess and then another 4 of the new blind students have also signed up for the study, giving us a class of 18 again this year.  As well as these the young boy and girl who got save in bible club have also started to come along with other seeing people from the town which has been giving us a good group each Sunday evening.


May we request your help with the blind students once more.  From your help last year we now have the needed hardware to continue our studies, printer etc. but in order to provide a bible for each of the 4 new students, along with the special paper needed for the eighteen studies, we will need approximately $1,800.00 for this years study, which works out at $100 per blind student.  Perhaps some of your Sunday school classes will be looking for a missionary project for this year and might consider sponsoring one or more of these students thus helping us to cover this cost.  If so we would love for you to give them our details and have them pray about this.

Once more we do thank you all for what you do for us each month through your faithful support and for your continued prayers day by day.  How we see God’s hand move in response and trust that God will continue to use you for His glory.

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