Year End Report from Evan Williams

Here is the Year End Report from Missionary Evan Williams to Honduras. God has blessed them richly. Please continue to pray for them.

Dear Pastors and praying friends;

Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you all as this year comes to a close and thanking God for your faithful support and prayers. Also we wanted to say thank you to all of you who have sent us cards and greetings throughout this past year, not only for birthdays and anniversaries etc. but also for the “Thinking of you” cards that always come as a welcome reminder that we are not alone in our labours for Christ. It is hard to believe that it just over a year since you all sent us to the people of Honduras with the Gospel of Christ. We would like to take this opportunity to give you an end of year report of all that God has done for us during that time.

First He has enabled us to start the “Maranatha Independent Baptist Church” which, from its small beginnings of two people, now has a total of 18 members, including ourselves and a church attendance role of 32 adults 7 teenagers, 15 children and 5 babies, from both Santa Lucia and the outlying areas. We are pleased to report that 23 of these are new converts; 6 of whom are now biblically baptized. Our Sunday school ministry has also been blessed with 53 students that attend on a regular basis. Once the new school year starts in February we can expect these attendance numbers to increase by 8 each week, with the return of our blind students. As we carryout all of this work for our Lord we can’t help but noticed a thirst for the pure word of God in peoples hearts, it is with joy we inform you that through our five weekly church ministries we are now meeting the spiritual needs of some 78 souls, of which 27 (11 adults, 1 teenager, 10 children and the 5 babies) are without Christ.

Using our bible exposition ministries both at church and in our three weekly bible studies in: Santa Lucia, Tegucigalpa and el Hatillo, the Spirit of God has also brought to us 28 believers who had become discouraged with the modern evangelical movement, 20 of whom had even given up on church attendance altogether. What a joy to report that these have renewed their faith and along with the others are now faithful attendees of our services and 4 have now been biblically baptized.

Door to door evangelism and evangelistic bible studies have been our two main evangelistic tools this year. To date we have visited nearly every home in the town sharing the Gospel and through this work 4 people have come to Christ and, including them, 17 are now coming to our Sunday meetings. We have also been able to lead another dear lady to the Lord as a brand plucked from the burning, as she is bed ridden with cancer and will soon be with her Lord. This work has highlighted our presence in the town to the point that even people who don’t come to our meetings greet me as “Pastor” when we meet. Our biggest source of blessing for salvation though has been through the bible study we started with the students in the school for the blind. At first we had 16 students but by the end of the school year we had 18 attending each week. We praise God that from this ministry we have seen 7 come to Christ, 2 believers restored to their Lord and 11 of them attending our Sunday services. Now with the school holidays 8 of them have moved away but 3 who live in or near the town are still coming.

During the school’s winter recess we have restarted this study for two other blind people we have made contact with in Santa Lucia, with the hope that when the students return they can join them and bring our class up to 20. Four other sighted people are also attending this study, two of which are staff from the school. Two of our blind students, who have stayed in the town, have also offered to help me, giving us an attendance of 8 each Monday night. We are so please to be able to report that through this ministry we have seen 2 of these new contacts coming to Christ, one of whom is blind and all are now attending our Sunday services.

As we begin yet another year of ministry please pray with us for the following: (1) That the 23 people who were saved and the 20 that were restored throughout this years harvest might grow in their faith and walk with Christ. (2) That the remaining 17 converts might see their need to follow their Lord’s example in Biblical baptism. (3) For the Salvation of the 27 souls who are yet without Christ and who are receiving the Gospel from us on a weekly basis. (4) That God would guide us as we seek to develop our children’s ministry, we want to begin a mid week evangelistic bible club for children of the town and a children’s church for the 15 that are attending our Sunday meetings. (5) That God would raise up workers in our membership who will help us divide our two Sunday school classes into five more manageable age groups, Adult, teenager, primary, pre-kinder and new believers.

I am sure you will agree that God has confirmed the presence of this little church here in Santa Lucia and we would just love to secure our own building in order to expand the work. As you know we have been trying to fulfil this need with either the purchase of a plot of land, where we can build or the purchase of a building that we might renovate for our use but as yet all available property is proving too expensive. Will you join with us in prayer for this need also, that something suitable might be found soon?

One final blessing that we have experienced throughout this past year has been the faithfulness of our supporters. Every one of you have stood by us despite the economic climate that both the USA and Europe are facing. All we can say is a very big thank you to both God and every one of you. May He truly bless you all and may you have a wonderful and blessed 2010.

Your servants for the Gospel

Evan and Carmen Williams

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