Please Pray for Pastor Austin Gardner

Yesterday afternoon, May 20th, we received word that our pastor, Austin Gardner, went into hospital with very low oxygen levels. He was admitted into the ICU and is being treated for pneumonia and COVID-19. He is in serious condition and we would really appreciate your prayers for him.

Pastor Gardner has been a mentor to me for many years and our pastor since 2008. He has been a blessing to so many over the years, and we really desire for God to raise Him up to full health and strength.

Please pray for:

  1. God to heal his body – to restore and sustain his health.
  2. Wisdom for the doctors to give the right treatment.
  3. Peace that passes all understanding and a strong faith that continues to reject anxiety and panic.
  4. Comfort for the family (and all whom this affects), especially since they can’t be together at this time and family that is on the mission field.

Thank you so much for interceding on his behalf. James 5:15 says, “And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up…”

6 thoughts on “Please Pray for Pastor Austin Gardner

  1. Update: Thanks for continuing to pray. Since going into the hospital, he was put on a ventilator. Every day since, the amount of oxygen they have had to give him has gone down. The doctors say he is responding well to treatment.

  2. Update: They have him on his stomach again and they are pushing in 50% oxygen. He is on day two of remdesivir. The doctor says that he is responding well to everything and they are encouraged. Thanks for praying everyone.

  3. Update: He is still on his back which is good because the goal is to keep him on his back. If his numbers change or he starts struggling they will put him back on his stomach. His oxygen is at 70% right now but they lowered his Peep number to 10 so it compensates with increasing the oxygen. His Peep was at 14 now at 10 which he said was a good sign.

  4. Wednesday night update from Chris Gardner: Doctor called. Dr. was very enthusiastic and extremely happy. He even said he is loving how he is progressing and how the treatment is helping him. He is on his stomach because they believe he prefers that position than on his back (which is true). He will make a note for the day staff to know that he has always preferred sleeping on side. They will probably start trying to keep him on his side and see how his numbers change. His own oxygen is great at 100%. The Oxygen on the machine is at 45%. While on stomach he is back on paralytic med. We asked when he thought they would start waking him etc and he said that dad would be the one that decides that. His blood pressure is a little high but he says he can work with that and it is no concern.

  5. Sunday Update from Chris Gardner: Just got off the phone with the hospital. Thanking God for a better day. His chest X-ray looks better today, they took him off the paralytic med and it is wearing off so he should start moving a little soon. He is still sedated though and on pain meds. His Peep is at 16 but his oxygen is at 45%. His vitals and Blood pressure are good. Kidney is also working well.

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