Special Projects

Ongoing Projects

Decorating & Furnishings – Northwest Baptist Church

Raising $20,000 to decorate and furniture new church building

Many of you have been praying for and supporting the work going on in Derry, Northern Ireland through Northwest Baptist Church. God provided the funds to purchase a build and pay for major renovations. Now the church needs to put the finishing touches on the building. The total amount comes to $20,000 (£16,000). To find out more and to give, go to www.oakgrovehope.com. Below is an itemised list of what they need help with:

  • £4200 ($5250) Exterior repairs to roof & painting
  • £1300 ($1625) New front door and raised threshold
  • £1200 ($1500) Church kitchen modernisation and appliances
  • £1300 ($1625) Meeting room decoration, carpet and doors
  • £700 ($875) Hallway and stairs decoration and carpets
  • £660 ($825) Bathroom decorations and flooring including washing machine
  • £700 ($875) Guest room decorations and furnishings
  • £1350 ($1690) Communal room decorations and furnishings
  • £700 ($875) Apartment bedroom decorations and furnishings
  • £1600 ($2000) Apartment living room/kitchenette decorations and furnishings including appliances
  • £250 ($310) Loft/attic ladder and storage
  • £2040 ($2550) Miscellaneous/sundry expenses
  • £16,000 ($20,000) TOTAL

Monthly Support – Pastor/Church Planter James Wilson

Raising $1200 (£1000) monthly support | Status: 35%

Pastor James Wilson is currently working to establish and grow Northwest Baptist Church in Derry, Northern Ireland. The church was planted in 2006 by Travis Snode, but it remains quite small and unable to fully support a pastor at the moment. In order to effectively minister and provide for his family, James is in need of some monthly support.

You can give directly to James via Paypal or bank transfer or through Vision Baptist Missions (Memo: ‘Snode – James Wilson’). For questions about support and to receive email updates, contact us or James Wilson directly.

Completed Projects

Church Building – Northwest Baptist [Completed]

Raising $116,380 | Status: Complete

Northwest Baptist Church is a church we started in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland in 2006 and turned over to a local pastor, James Wilson, in 2013. After several years of prayer and fund-raising, God provided all the funds to purchase a building for the church in the heart of the city. The sale completed in March 2019 and works are now underway to renovate the building and prepare it for future ministry. More information can be found at www.oakgrovehope.com.