Special Projects

CHURCH BUILDING: Downham Baptist Church Building

$175,000 | Status: $36,591 raised

Downham Baptist Church was started in 2014 and has a regular attendance of about 40 people. The church currently pays all of its bills and employs a full-time pastor. The church is located on the Downham estate of the Borough of Lewisham in southeast London.

The church is currently renting a historic building that it hopes to purchase. In order to make the initial down payment, the church is asking God to provide £130,000 ($175,000).

MONTHLY SUPPORT: Pastor/Evangelist James Wilson

$1200 (£1000) monthly | Status: 67%

Pastor James Wilson is currently working to establish Derry Baptist Fellowship and share the gospel in Derry, Northern Ireland. The church was planted in 2006 by Travis Snode, but it remains quite small and unable to fully support a pastor at the moment. In order to effectively minister and reach out with the gospel, James is in need of some monthly support.

You can give directly to James via Paypal or bank transfer or through Vision Baptist Missions (Memo: ‘Snode – James Wilson’). For questions about support and to receive email updates, contact us or James Wilson directly.



$12,900 | Status: Complete!

After the purchase of a building for Derry Baptist Fellowship in March 2019 and the completed of major renovations in February 2020, God provided the funds to furnish and decorate the building. Originally, we expected it to cost $20,000, but most of the “finishing touches” were able to be carried out for only $12,900! For information about other needs or specials future projects the church has, please go to www.oakgrovehope.com.

UK CHARITY SET UP COSTS: Umbrella Organisation

$6500 | Status: Complete!

We are working to set up a UK Charity that will be an umbrella organisation for all our evangelism and church-planting endeavours in the UK. This will enable us to do everything from renting meeting rooms as well as eventually sponsoring new missionaries and short-term Christian workers into the UK.

Give by check to Vision Baptist Missions, PO Box 442, Alpharetta, GA 30009 (Memo: “Snode-UK Charity”) or online.


$116,380 | Status: Complete!

Derry Baptist Fellowship is a church we started in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland in 2006 and turned over to a local pastor, James Wilson, in 2013. After several years of prayer and fund-raising, God provided all the funds to purchase a building for the church in the city centre as well as make major renovations to the building. The sale completed in March 2019 and major renovations completed in February 2020.