Project: Downham Baptist Church Building

Help us purchase a church building for Downham Baptist Church in southeast London!

Goal: $175,000 | Raised: $41,591 | Remaining: $133,409

Downham Baptist Church was started in 2014 and has a regular attendance of 40 people. The church currently pays all of its bills and employs a full-time pastor. The church is located on the Downham estate of the Borough of Lewisham in southeast London.

The church is currently renting a historic building that it hopes to purchase. In order to make the initial down payment, the church is asking God to provide £130,000 ($175,000).

Like most large cities, property in London is at a premium, so this is a great opportunity! Would you pray about giving an offering to help this church buy its building?

You can give via Vision Baptist Missions (Memo: “London Building Fund”) or directly to Downham Baptist Church. For questions, contact us.