Mentoring in the Old Testament (3 of 7) – Moses and Joshua

Other posts in this series: Introduction, Jethro and Moses Part 1, Jethro and Moses Part 2 There are quite a few passages that deal with the relationship of Moses and Joshua.  I would encourage you to look at each, but here is a summary of what we learn from their mentoring relationship. 1. Joshua was […]

Mentoring in the Old Testament (2 of 7) – Jethro and Moses – Part 2

Other posts in this series: Introduction, Jethro and Moses Part 1 This is part two of a look at mentoring lessons from Jethro and Moses.  We already observed that:  1) the foundation of mentoring is a close relationship, 2) the only way a mentoring relationship will work is for there to be transparency, and 3) […]

Mentoring in the Old Testament (1 of 7) – Jethro and Moses – Part 1

Other posts in this series: Introduction One of the first instances of mentoring in the Old Testament is the example of Jethro and Moses.  Notice several things we can learn about mentoring for their relationship in Exodus 18. First, the foundation of mentoring is a close relationship (Exodus 18:1-8).   In these verses, we see […]

Mentoring in the Bible – Introduction

Mentoring has radically impacted my life.  So much of who I am and what I do are a result of the mentors that God has placed in my life.  Some mentors were intentional.  Others were instinctive.  But all have been used to make a radical impact in my life. Mentoring is God’s primary method to […]

Repost: Top 7 Regrets of Pastors

I recently read this post on Thom Rainer’s blog and wanted to repost it here.  I really thought it was very insightful.  I don’t want to look back and have the same regrets in the future. I recently interviewed more than twenty pastors who had been in ministry for at least 25 years. All of […]

Repost: The Essential Life Skill – Teachability

I thought this post by David Murray on his HeadHeartHand Blog was excellent.  I agree with everything he says, and I am very convicted about this area of my life. There’s one characteristic that separates the successful from the unsuccessful in every walk of life: teachability. Those who are teachable, and remain so, usually succeed. The […]

Repost: Twenty Questions for Potential Church Planters

source Every person that considers church planting asks the question, Am I a Church Planter? It is the question I asked myself before planting a church. It is the question assessors ask every candidate who submits himself to an assessment process to be a lead planter in a network or denomination. Churches that have a desire to […]

Ideas for Discipling Young Men

Recently, a friend of mine emailed me asking for ideas about discipling and training young men with a heart for God.  I jotted down a few ideas for him that you might find helpful.  Here are my thoughts: Be passionate and eat up with serving the Lord, and who you are will influence those around […]

Trusting Able Men To Help Bear the Burden

Exodus 18:25 And Moses chose able men out of all Israel, and made them heads over the people, rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens. 26 And they judged the people at all seasons: the hard causes they brought unto Moses, but every small matter they judged themselves. In this passage, Moses’s father-in-law Jethro […]

Leadership With Vision Podcast

My pastor, Austin Gardner, has started a brand new podcast called “Leadership With Vision.”  In this podcast, he shares some very helpful truths about leadership, missions, evangelism, discipleship, church-planting, and training others.  The first three episodes are about: Cross Cultural Relations, Training Leaders, and Leading Softly. All of these have been a great help to me, and […]