So, What’s Cooking?

I thought this was a very good parable that reminds that what people need is the Word of God and that what preachers need to do is preach the word. Behold, a cook went forth to cook. And as he cooked, his household was nourished and satisfied, so much so that they went out into […]

Bible Expo 2011 – Vision Baptist (Alpharetta, GA, USA)

Our home church,¬†Vision Baptist Church, and the Our Generation Training Center will host the Bible Expo 2011 on April 5-8, 2011. Bible Expo 2011 will be a Conference on Expository Preaching. Preaching the Bible verse by verse and chapter by chapter. Being a voice for the text and not getting a good thought and finding […]


Yesterday I was thinking about how there seems to be a big push these days for the church to be relevent.¬† Over the last few weeks, as we have been preaching and planning for messages on relationships, depression, anger, abuse, men, women, purpose, meaning, etc., it has amazed me to think that the most relevent […]