What the Bible Teaches about Man

It has been said that the big questions everyone wants to know are: Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? Various movies and books over the years have been produced that deal with the topic of purpose and meaning and a search for an understanding of […]

February 2017 Prayer Letter – Not a Christian Country!

“This is not a Christian country!” Those were the words an experienced English pastor told me last week while eating lunch with him and another church-planter. So many people have this idea of “the old country” filled with churches and preachers like Spurgeon and Wesley. Following the suffering of the second world war, many British […]

Blessings & Highlight Video from 2016

This past Sunday evening, we had our annual Vision Night and AGM (Annual General Meeting – Business Meeting). We took some time to reflect on the blessings of last year and look forward to the new year. Some of the blessings of 2016 were: We made lots of improvements to our building including the walls, […]

January 2017 Prayer Letter

December was a busy but fruitful month in the ministry here. We began with a combined youth event with two other local churches. We had several dozen young people, and we showed a special gospel film. Please continue to pray for the work among the young people. We gave out 2500 invitations to our Christmas […]