Thank You, Pastor Austin Gardner

Since last Tuesday, Pastor Austin Gardner of our home church, Vision Baptist Church, was with us in Northern Ireland.  We just took him to the airport this morning.  It was such a blessing to have him here with us for nearly a week, preaching and teaching, counselling and mentoring, and advising us on the ministry.

We are so thankful for a pastor that cares enough to give his time to us.  Pastor Gardner has visited with us nearly every year since we moved here in 2004, and every year he has been a huge blessing.  Thank you, Pastor Gardner, for taking time out of your busy schedule and away from your family to be with us.

Please pray for Bro. Gardner, Mrs. Betty, their family, and Vision Baptist Church.  Pray for Bro. Gardner as he is in North Africa for a week and then returns home the end of this week.  Pray for God to strengthen and use him there.

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