Update on Pastor Austin Gardner

Here is an update that Pastor Gardner sent out about his cancer:

Betty and I just returned from the first doctor’s appoint. It was Dr Scott Miller. He seems very professional, good man, and a super reputation.

He says that it is definitely cancerous and the entire kidney must be removed. He says he will make 4 small holes and a larger incision lower to pull the kidney out. I will be in the hospital for 1 night. 80% are able to go home the next day. Others need a couple of days.

I will need 7 to 10 days to recover then another week or two of light duty. After that I will return to normal.

He told me that I should preach and teach this week. The tumor has been growing for years not just the last few months. He has scheduled me for surgery on Thursday the 7th.

I will see another doctor on Monday and from there will decide which doctor to go with. Things look really good.

I can live a normal life with one kidney. There should be no additional limitations put on me but I should start seeing my doctor regularly like I should have already started doing.

It was a good day. Things have been emotionally wearing but everyone has been super kind to me. God has been good.

I told Him that I was ready to go if that was what He wanted and that I would go praising and thanking Him. God has been super good to me.

Thank you so much for praying. I suppose the next letter to you will come out after Monday’s appointment.

I think the camp went well this week but I only preached once and left. Pray for this Sunday’s services that all will go well and honor and glorify God.

Pray that I will know which doctor to use. Pray that I will honor God in all of this and in no way accuse Him or doubt Him!

God bless all of you!


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