Pray for Spain | 48 Million People Who Need Jesus

Author: Sam Quinn

Spain, or the Kingdom of Spain as it is officially known, is one of the most famous, most visited, and most storied countries in Europe. With 48 million people this country is as culturally and historically rich as the land is beautiful. 

Spain was first established as a country in 1512. The Spanish conquered lands throughout the world, spread their culture and language to over 21 countries and changed the face of the planet. Even with their imperial ambitions passed, Spain is still blessed with immense culture and beauty. From the bustling streets of Madrid to the beaches of Barcelona, and to the olive laden hills of Andalusia you can find any beautiful vista that your heart desires.

Yet, beneath the beautiful landscapes, there is a dark side of Spain’s religiosity. The Roman Catholic Church, well established by the 417 years of Spanish Inquisition, still prevails as the main religion. There is also a significant Protestant population, which also believe in good works for salvation. In spite of this, 59% of the population claim to “hardly ever or never attend church.” This shows us that in spite of the beauty and wealth of Spain, they are in need of more missionaries and gospel-preaching churches. 

Top Ten Largest Cities:

  1. Madrid: 6,155,000
  2. Barcelona: 5,179,000
  3. Valencia: 1,645,000
  4. Seville: 1,305,000
  5. Bilbao: 987,000
  6. Malaga: 944,000
  7. Oviedo-Gijón-Avilés: 844,000
  8. Alicante-Elche: 793,000
  9. Las Palmas: 640,000
  10. Zaragoza: 639,000

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