The Branch – Zech 6

David was made king many years before. God told him that He would establish the throne of his descendant forever (2 Sam 7). Then disaster came and the king and people of Judah were taken away. Now there was no king on the throne in Jerusalem. Had God’s promises failed?

No, because God was going to raise up THE BRANCH, One who would come from the line of David and be the fulfillment of those promises. Zechariah 6 describes him:

  1. He was a man who will take the place of the high priest.
  2. He will build the temple of the Lord.
  3. He will bear the glory.
  4. He will sit and rule on His throne.
  5. He will be a priest on the throne.

As the final part of Zechariah’s night vision, this promise of the coming Branch must have been very encouraging to them.

One day, the King is coming who will rule and reign on the throne, who will rebuild God’s temple, and who will rule over the whole earth.

Our hope must be in Christ, the promised Messiah, and coming King. He is the Lord of the whole earth. No one else can or will do what He will do. He is the One our trust is in!

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