£500/$670 Donated!

We made offers on two buildings over a week ago. We are still waiting to hear about one, but the other wrote to say our offer was accepted.  Unfortunately, shortly after making the offer we found out that the building is listed historical building and probably would not be very suitable for a church, so we have had to back out of the offer. We should have done more research before making the offer, but hopefully, we won’t make that mistake again.

This past Friday, I was in Derry for the day, and James and I did some more looking and researching. We are now looking for former church buildings, community centres, and other buildings that require less imagination to envision them as a church. We also now know to speak to the city planning office before we make any future offers to make sure the buildings we are interested could be used as a “place of worship.”

Thank you for continuing to pray. £500 from a friend in Northern Ireland was donated this past week! That brings us up to $60,820 of the $150,000 we are trying to raise before the end of 2017!

Will you pray about what you can do to help? Together, with God’s help, we can see a strong Bible-believing church put down roots in northwest Ireland and be a light for many years to come.

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