Day After

I must say that we were all real tired after yesterday.  Today, we did not do much other than just be together as a family and relax.  We did make chocolate chip cookies together and packaged them to take to the visitors that came on Sunday.  Also, Jonathon and I went with another pastor to […]

Congratulations to Robert & Sara Stover

I just wanted to say a word of congratulations to a friend of mine from high school and Bible college, Robert, and his wife, Sara.   Robert and Sara are on deputation heading to Peru as missionaries with Macedonia World Baptist Missions.  Here is the email that I got from Robert today about the birth of […]

Why are People Leaving Churches?

I read a good article by Sam and Tom Rainer on “Why People are Leaving Church.” Do your neighbors go to church? If not, do you know why? Their reasons are probably not the ones you’d expect. New research reveals why people leave churches and what you and your church can do to bring them […]

Update on Grant

Just a quick update on Grant’s hand.  He burnt it on the oven top on Wednesday night.  We kept ice on it for about 7 hours and put some jel on it.  The pain finally subsided and he slept good.  On Thursday, we took him to the doctor who told us to take him the […]

Happy Anniversary to Austin & Betty Gardner

I just wanted to wish a happy anniversary to some very special friends of ours, the Gardners.  Bro. Gardner has been a friend and mentor of mine for the last 7 years.  I first met him when I was at Crown College and then had the privilege to train under his ministry for six months in Peru […]

Great to Hear of How God Provided for Julio Soncco

I just got this update from Austin Gardner about his son-in-law who needed work done on his heart.  It is amazing how God provides. Well our son in law, Julio Soncco, is in need of a pace maker. We have all been praying that God would raise the funds. The kid is in his mid […]

Dealing with Death

Yesterday evening, Teri and I went down to the wake for the mother of one of the ladies in Ronnie Smith’s church.  The wake is a time when the relatives and family of the deceased gather to remember, grieve, and celebrate the life of the person who has passed on.  I do not understand it […]


The last 5 Thursday evenings, I have gone fishing with a young man whom I am mentoring as part of a community program to mentor young people who are at risk of breaking the law.  Tonight as were fishing, we were again unsuccessful at catching any fish.  It reminded me of evangelism and church planting […]

Pray for Jeff Krontz – Bulgaria

I just read the following on Fred Kindhart’s blog and wanted to encourage you to be in prayer.  Here is a message and prayer request from the Krontz family in Bulgaria. Let’s pray God does great things there in this upcoming Campaign and that many souls will be saved and added to the church. —————————————————————— […]

Spiritual Condition of Europe

The following article gives insight into the spiritual condition of Europe:  “The European church has suffered a prolonged and wearisome decline since the 18th century Enlightenment. Following World War II, the decline became quite steep. For years, theologians, pastors, and churchgoers have bemoaned the inert state of the European church. A recent Wall Street Journal article, however, […]