What the Bible Teaches About World Evangelism

Imagine a fishing club that has a goal to catch fish all over the world. The club meets week after week to talk about the need to go fishing and the best techniques and methods of fishing. They bring in guest speakers to encourage them to fish. They have all the best fishing equipment – […]

What the Bible Teaches About Eternal Security

INTRODUCTION Insecurity is a terrible thing. Terrible if you don’t feel safe and secure in your house at night. Terrible if you don’t feel secure and loved in your family. Terrible if you don’t feel safe and secure in who you are before God. I remember as a child dealing with very strong feelings of […]

Pursuit of Holiness Book Review

Humbly repenting of sin and believing on Christ is a hard thing to do. Not because we have to do anything, but simple for that reason – we can’t do anything – we just trust Christ. After this difficult struggle of total faith in Christ alone for salvation, the struggle for holiness is probably the next hardest […]

What the Bible Teaches About Spiritual Gifts

  Text: Romans 12:1-13 I. SURRENDER YOUR LIFE TO GOD (Romans 12:1). I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God Romans 1-11 details “the mercies (compassion) of God” to us through salvation. It goes into detail about just how good, merciful, and loving God has been to sinners like us in sending His […]

What the Bible Teaches About Church & State

    The church of Jesus Christ began and flourished during a period of great hostility and persecution. As more and more people believed on Christ, Christians were seen as a threat to the state. As a result during the first three hundred years of the church, anywhere between 6-18 million Christians are estimated to have been […]