Go Ye Into All the World – Video by Oswald J Smith

Oswald J Smith was a Canadian pastor and evangelist who lived from 1889 until 1986. At an early age, he desired to be a missionary. However, he was turned down by mission agencies due to poor health, which plagued him his entire life. Undeterred by his inability to be a missionary, he did all he […]

Blessings & Highlight Video from 2016

This past Sunday evening, we had our annual Vision Night and AGM (Annual General Meeting – Business Meeting). We took some time to reflect on the blessings of last year and look forward to the new year. Some of the blessings of 2016 were: We made lots of improvements to our building including the walls, […]

What the Bible Teaches – About God

If someone said to you, “Describe life,” how would you describe it? It is hard to describe something to essential yet so intangible as “life.” Other things that may be equally hard to define are: eternity, the universe, light, love. Yet these vast concepts can all be defined with one word – God! He is life. He […]

What the Bible Teaches – About the Bible

The Bible. No book has been more hated or more loved. No book has caused more controversy or been credited with changing more lives. No book has been so profusely published yet so violently prohibited. And for the Christian, no book is more important than the Bible. Without the Bible, there would be so many […]

January 2017 Prayer Letter

December was a busy but fruitful month in the ministry here. We began with a combined youth event with two other local churches. We had several dozen young people, and we showed a special gospel film. Please continue to pray for the work among the young people. We gave out 2500 invitations to our Christmas […]

Fantastic Christmas Service and Meal

We had a fantastic Family Christmas Service and Meal this past Sunday morning. Over 70 people were in attendance with at least 10 first-time visitors. We were amazed at everyone who came and how many people invited friends and family. Please pray for the gospel message to bear fruit. Tonight, we have a Christmas Eve service at […]

Our Generation Mission Summit 2016

Every year, our home church hosts the Our Generation Summit, which is a missions-centred retreat  located this year at Lanier Islands in North Georgia. The summit is coming up again next week on 29th-31st December. For those readers who live in America and have a desire to be involved in God’s mission in our world, I cannot recommend this […]

Children’s Workers, Family Christmas Service, Inquiry About God

This past Friday, we had several new teenagers attend the youth club. They had some very good questions about God and salvation. I am very encouraged with how God is blessing the youth ministry. On Sunday, we honoured all the volunteers who serve in some aspect of our children’s ministry. The photo above shows most of our workers, […]

Opportunity to Support a Missionary from Britain

We are very blessed to have serving with us right now a young lady from Northern Ireland named Hannah Neilly. She is currently training and raising support to be an overseas missionary assisting with evangelism, discipleship and church planting. She will serve wherever the Lord opens the doors, but she has a real heart for […]

Youth Activity, Sunday Services, Pastoral Visits, Coffee Morning Visitors

Youth Meeting: This past Saturday night, we had a great time at a youth activity put on by Crossroads Baptist Church in Bromley. There were games, food, and a powerful video on the cross. It was encouraging to see a good group of young people coming together and learning more about Christ. Sunday Services: We […]