The Chaos of Doubt (Numbers 14)

Numbers 14:1–2 1 And all the congregation lifted up their voice, and cried; and the people wept that night. 2 And all the children of Israel murmured against Moses and against Aaron: and the whole congregation said unto them, Would God that we had died in the land of Egypt! or would God we had […]

The Lens of Faith (Numbers 13)

Numbers 13:33 And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight. This chapter is such a dramatic visualisation of the difference faith in God makes. Twelve spies were sent into Canaan. They explored the […]

When the People Complained (Numbers 11)

Numbers 11:1 And when the people complained, it displeased the Lord: and the Lord heard it; and his anger was kindled; and the fire of the Lord burnt among them, and consumed them that were in the uttermost parts of the camp. A series of disruptions and difficulties are about to ensue among the Israelites. […]

Prepared for Victory (Numbers 10)

Numbers 10:9 And if ye go to war in your land against the enemy that oppresseth you, then ye shall blow an alarm with the trumpets; and ye shall be remembered before the Lord your God, and ye shall be saved from your enemies. Israel was now organised and ready to march and to take on […]

Living Each Day At the Lord’s Command (Numbers 9)

Numbers 9:18 At the commandment of the Lord the children of Israel journeyed, and at the commandment of the Lord they pitched: as long as the cloud abode upon the tabernacle they rested in their tents. The commands of God not only governed what Israel did but where they went and when they went. God […]

Does London Need More Churches?

I wrote the following article for a website that I contribute to called, but I felt it would be appropriate to share on here.  The largest urban area in the United Kingdom is London. Apart from being one of the most famous cities in the world, it is also one of the most diverse […]

God Likes It When We Give (Numbers 7)

Numbers 7:89 And when Moses was gone into the tabernacle of the congregation to speak with him, then he heard the voice of one speaking unto him from off the mercy seat that was upon the ark of testimony, from between the two cherubims: and he spake unto him. God is pleased when we demonstrate our […]

He Wants to Bless Us (Number 6)

Numbers 6:22–23,27 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 23 Speak unto Aaron and unto his sons, saying, On this wise ye shall bless the children of Israel, saying unto them…27 And they shall put my name upon the children of Israel; and I will bless them. Somehow people have gotten the idea that God is […]

Sin Against Man Is Sin Against God (Numbers 5)

Numbers 5:6–7 6 Speak unto the children of Israel, When a man or woman shall commit any sin that men commit, to do a trespass against the Lord, and that person be guilty; 7 Then they shall confess their sin which they have done: and he shall recompense his trespass with the principal thereof, and […]

A Burden and A Privilege (Numbers 4)

Numbers 4:47 From thirty years old and upward even unto fifty years old, every one that came to do the service of the ministry, and the service of the burden in the tabernacle of the congregation, An entire chapter is given to instruct the priests and various Levitical groups about how to dismantle and carry […]