Book Review: Building Your Leadership Resume

Building Your Leadership Resume is a book of 40 short chapters.  Each chapter examines a different aspect of leadership by Pastor Johnny Hunt of First Baptist Church of Woodstock, GA.  The book covers topics from a leader’s passion and the insecure leader to the leader’s spouse and the leader’s assistant.

I really found this book to give some good practical instruction about leadership.  It is written almost as if you were sitting down with Pastor Hunt for 40 consecutive lunch sessions and asking him about how to be a better leader.  This was a book that I read a little bit at a time not straight through in one week.  Each chapter was another nugget to mull over.  Here are a few of my highlights from the book.

  • When my life is over and my legacy written, I don’t want to be someone who was almost what God had called him to be.
  • If you want a church filled with enthused, motivated, and productive members, don’t dumb down your expectations of them.
  • Don’t depend on your personality to make a difference. Passion takes over where natural charisma leaves off.
  • Some leaders will never manage to become useful and fruitful because they’re unwilling to manage themselves.
  • Focus 80 percent of your attention on what people do right, and 20 percent on correcting what’s wrong.
  • When insecurities aren’t dealt with, they only wait for another day to reveal themselves.
  • Leadership is built on relationships, and relationships are restored and kept alive through the ongoing gift of forgiveness.

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