Compassion without Compromise Book Review

In a sense, I read this book by accident. It was the title of a chapter of another book that I am reading with some friends. I got confused and thought we were reading this book, so I bought it and started reading it. I am glad I made the mistake, as I found the book very helpful, encouraging, and hopeful.

No doubt issues about gender and sexuality, especially same sex attraction, are a big topic today in our culture. And inevitably each Christian will be faced with a situation where they are forced to give some kind of an answer or response about homosexuality.

The difficulty is that so many people have heard distortions of the Christians response to homosexuality that is either seriously lacking in compassion on one hand or truth on the other.

In my opinion, this book does a lot to help Christians think through what the Bible says about homosexuality, about a compassionate but truthful response and attitude toward those with same-sex attraction, and about how present a loving yet uncompromising response in our world.

Furthermore, it is a book of hope that God has a plan for our lives, that His plan is best, and that even though marred by sin, all of us are called to a new identity in Christ. I hope you will pick up a copy today and check out the website put together by authors Adam T. Barr and Ron Citlau.

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