Do More Better Book Review

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Aren’t you glad we have so many clever tools today to help us get more done quickly? If only that were true! Sometimes, it seems, the more time-saving devices we have, the more we get off track.

domorebetterThis year, I wanted to start the year by reading a book on productivity. And as you can see (three months later), I did! The book I chose was Do More Better by Tim Challies. And I am sure glad I did. For the following reasons…

  1. It is short. At about 100 pages, it can be read in a few hours. After you finish, you already feel more productive!
  2. It is balanced. Tim shares truths about our purpose and calling in life that underpin why we might want to be more productive from a Biblical perspective. He also suggests practical tools and ways to implement those tools on a daily and weekly basis.
  3. It is helpful. There some really good nuggets in the book about…
    • How to vet your life to make sure what you do lines up with your mission.
    • How to handle email overload.
    • How to file and find things for future recall.
    • How to serve and surprise!
    • How to plan your week and break big tasks down into smaller steps.
  4. It is encouraging. Tim does not claim to have it all figured out. He simply shares some simple yet profound steps that will bring clarity and direction to our lives. I look forward to now taking the time to walk back through the book and apply more of the things I learned.

Here are a few quotes to wet your appetite:

An understanding of productivity needs to begin with an understanding of the reason you exist. Productivity is not what will bring purpose to your life, but what will enable you to excel in living out your existing purpose.

Productivity is effectively stewarding your gifts, talents, time, energy, and enthusiasm for the good of others and the glory of God.

You need to structure and organize your life so that you can do the maximum good for others and thus bring the maximum glory to God.

You haven’t begun to live a focused and productive life until you have said no to great opportunities that just do not fit your mission.

To a large degree, your productivity depends on identifying and using the best tools for the job and then growing in your skill in deploying them.

We are not working for our tools, but learning how to make our tools work for us.

Much of your productivity depends, then, on prioritization—on choosing the few and neglecting, ignoring, or even just plain refusing the many.

I hope many of you will get a copy of the book and have a read. I believe you will be blessed and encouraged.

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