Church Planting Seminar – Atlanta, GA (3-4 November)


Our home church is hosting a church planting seminar absolutely free of charge on November 3-4!  If you are a church planter, pastor, missionary, in full time-ministry, considering church planting, or just want to be learn more about and b involved in church planting, I want to encourage you to attend this event.  Dr. Earl Jessup and Baptist Church Planting have been involved in helping both my brothers with their church plants.  My pastor, Austin Gardner, has planted many churches.  I guarantee you that you will learn a wealth of information from this seminar that will challenge and help you.  You can find out more details below or on the website where you can also register to attend.

Pastor Gardner and the staff of the Our Generation Training Center is very excited to host the Church Planting Conference for Our Generation. Dr. Earl Jessup will be our keynote speaker for this practical, motivating conference. The modules are designed to help instruct the students in the Our Generation Training Center and over thirty missionaries on the field that work alongside out training ministry.

We are opening this this Seminar up to the public free of charge. You will be able to join us at Vision Baptist Church from November 3rd & 4th. We will start at 10 am on Thursday and Friday. We will conclude at 1 pm on Friday. There will be a service on Thursday night. At the conference you will be able to spend time with church planters, fellowship, and be benefit from “Questions and Answer Sessions”. We will also be making the workshop available online.

Many subjects will be covered during our seminar. The following list is not exhaustive but will give you an idea of some the topics that will be covered.

  • The responsibilities of a Church Planter
  • What jobs to delegate and how
  • What to do before and after the service
  • How to organize your launch
  • How to make noise for the 1st service
  • How to motivate your church to plant more churches
  • How and when to start another work
If you plan to join us we would like to know. We are able to provide a list of local hotels and restaurants. Also, there are a very limited amount of lodging options provided by people in the church.
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