Missionary Mistakes

A very good friend of mine, Jeff Bush, is a church planting missionary to Argentina.  God has greatly used him there to start two church, see many souls get saved, and a Bible insitute started.  

I met Jeff my first day at Crown College.  He had just returned from seven months in Peru and was very fired up about serving God and reaching the world.  He took me under his wing and spent alot of time with me.

I can remember often praying over the world together, reading the Proverb of the day in his car on the way to class, talking about what God was giving us in our devotions, and sitting together on the front row listening to preaching.  His love for God made a huge impact on my life.

Jeff has and is being greatly used of God.  He has written a series of posts on his blog called, “Missionary Mistakes” that took alot of candor and courage to write.  I have made all of these mistakes myself and tons more.  Here are the links to the posts.  I think you will really profit from reading them.

Missionary Mistake #1 – Building Churches Rather Than Building Men

Missionary Mistake #2 – Always Giving And Never Receiving

Missionary Mistake #3 – Getting Frustrated With Cultural Differences

Missionary Mistake #4 – Not Being Self Disciplined

Missionary Mistake #5 – Hiring Is Easier Than Raising

Missionary Mistake #6 – Not Listening To Advice

Missionary Mistake #7 – Preaching Poorly Prepared Sermons

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