Where to Plant a Church (2 of 5)

Factor #2: Plant a church in a strategic place.

Most church-planters put on their prayer card: “Churches Planters to Brazil” or some other country to which God has led them. The sad reality is that most of us never come close to doing anything more than impacting one city, or, most likely, one area of one city.

Most church-planters, however, earnestly desire to impact more than just one area, but maybe they have not thought through the best way to do that. It is so easy to allow the pressures of one church-plant and the day-to-day responsibilities of the ministry to consume us so that we forget about the rest of the country and the rest of the world.

As we plant churches, we need to ask ourselves, “How does this church-plant fit in with a strategy to reach (at minimum) an entire region of the country with the gospel?” We should not think about planting just one church but planting multiple churches.

For many this will mean going to key cities where men can be trained and sent out, but sometimes there are strategic places that are not the largest cities in the country. Entire areas of some countries are neglected because none of the largest cities in the country are there.

Regardless the size of the place, we need to consider if it is a strategic place from which the Word of the Lord can sound out to other regions (1 Thess. 1:8, Acts 19:10).

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