Evangelising Our Jerusalem


The first step we all need to take if we desire to be a Baptist Church Committed to World Evangelism is to

1. Work at evangelizing the world in their Jerusalem by committing to knock on and evangelize a minimum of 50,000 people that live close to their church at least twice a year

a. That means knocking on a minimum of 13,000 doors at least once each year and preferably twice a year in a systematic and organized fashion leaving a piece of literature in the house or on the door. This works out to approximately 250 doors a week if you plan to use another means to get the gospel to your area in the same year

b. Use the postal service or other means to get the gospel to each one at least one more time a year

c. Use radio, television and or Internet to reach their Jerusalem with the gospel.

We really can’t profess to be interested in World Evangelism if we do not start at home. This is actually quite an expensive endeavor. Gospel tracts and materials cost lots of money. In our particular ministry giving out that many tracts a week (500) cost an average of $50 per week.

It also costs in man hours, sweat, and commitment. But I certainly don’t think that we can give money to missionaries and send them around the world expecting them to do something overseas that we are not willing to do where we live.

Using direct mail is also very expensive as it TV and Radio. The first thing we are going to say is that none of this is very effective. I agree. The next thing you are going to say is that God will have to bring them. I agree. But since when does that mean that we shouldn’t do what we can.

The farmer who wants a crop and will not plow, plant, cultivate, fertilize and then wait on God would be thought a fool! We must be about our Father’s business.

It really isn’t important if they accept or not but that they know that there was a man of God and a church among them.

I want to step up more to the challenge and I want to ask you to do the same.

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