Girl Takes a Stand at School

I was very blessed by this story from Alan Campbell about a young lady who took a real stand at her school.  I hope that teenagers and adults alike will be encouraged by her story:

A young girl who comes to our Youth Club and Bible Study at Ford Mission has been having a difficult time at school with her RE teacher. These are the details she shared with us last night.

ONE day in RE, instead of doing the work set out for them, the teacher allowed the pupils to watch Only Fools and Horses during class time. Just 5 minutes before class ended the teacher told them “Instead of answering the questions here I want you to just write down what I say”.

The teacher then gave the ‘right answer’ to the question (I don’t know what the question was) and the whole class jotted it down word for word…except one – the Ford Girl. When asked why she replied “Because I don’t agree”. The teacher insisted that she “Just write it down anyway”, the Ford Girl wrote below the question ‘I agree with the Bible’.

The teacher then walked around the class and ticked all those who had copied down the words she had told them to write. As she came to the Ford Girl she read the page and gave her a big red X for refusing to compromise.

ON another occasion the RE teacher decided to split up the class, this is how she did it;

  • Those who believed in God were to stand at one side of the room
  • Those who were unsure were told to stand in the middle
  • Those who didn’t believe were asked to stand at the other side of the room

The Ford Girl is the only Christian in the class and she walked to the ‘I believe God’ side of the room…all on her own. Many of the other pupils laughed but now some of them have been asking her questions about God and one of her friends is really interested in coming to church!

She told me that before Christmas she didn’t think she would have done what she did but that she had prayed to God as the New Year began and told Him “This is a New Year and I’m going to be brave”.

What an encouragement for us! If a young teenage girl can take a stand like this then so can we!

Please pray for this girl,

  1. Pray that she would continue to be brave and take her stand for God.
  2. Pray that God would help her answer the questions.
  3. Pray that her friend would come to church.
  4. Pray that the she will be ‘gentle as a dove’ when it comes to disagreeing with her teacher.

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