Pray for Romania | 19 Million People Who Need Jesus

Author: Brady Van Winkle

While in college, I began to learn and study about the country of Romania. Most people may not know much about Romania, but I was determined to find out more about it. Since college, my heart has been burdened for Romania and to see it reached with the Gospel. Romania is a country that is in need of the Gospel and the doors to reach it with the Gospel are currently wide open. Although you may not know much about Romania, hopefully after reading this you will not only know more about the eastern European country, but also join us in praying for Romania to be reached with the Gospel in this generation.

Romania is a beautiful country filled with dense forests and snow-covered mountains. It is also filled with many historical sites and places of intrigue. For a time, Romania was under the Ottoman Empire, but then won its independence. After World War II, Romania was a Communist nation until the 90s and then it once again became and remains a free country. When thinking of Romania, people think of the city, Transylvania, that was made famous by Dracula. There is still a castle that stands in Transylvania today and many people still visit there. Also, some people may think of Romania and think “gypsy” which would be true because close to 1 million Roma (gypsy) people live in Romania. These people usually live in caravans and travel from place to place. Most of them are poor according to earthly standards, but they are also a people who are poor spiritually and in need of the Gospel. With all these facts in front of you, when you think of Romania, you should think of the need of the Gospel there.

When you read the statistics, they will say that Romania is a “Christian” country, with most of the population claiming to either be Orthodox or Catholic. Sadly, they are not true Christians. They are taught they have to work to earn salvation, but the only way to get salvation is through faith in Christ. The over 19 million people who live in Romania are in great need of the Gospel. There are many people who go to Romania and do social work to help the poor, Roma people and the many orphans who are there. While these are needful things, the biggest need for the Romanian people is for someone to go share the Gospel with them. Who will go take the Gospel to the 19 million Romanian people heading straight towards hell? Will you give your life and reach this country that is open for the Gospel? 

Some interesting facts about Romania:

  • The population of Romania is 19.4 million people.
  • The capital city is Bucharest and has a population of around 2 million people.
  • The Parliament building in Romania is the largest parliament building in the world.
  • In northwest Romania, you can find the tallest, wooden-structured church in the world. It is 257 feet tall and has a cross that weighs 1000 pounds. 
  • The language they speak in Romania is Romanian and is over 1700 years old.
  • The main religion of Romania is Eastern Orthodox. 
  • The city of Timisoara was the first mainland, European city to be lit by electric street lights in 1884.

While all these facts are great and let you know more about Romania, we hope you will take the time to join us in praying for Romania. Pray that God will raise up more laborers to take the Gospel and that Romania will be reached with the Gospel in this generation! 

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