Pray for Germany | 83 Million People Who Need Jesus

There is much to love about Germany – great German engineering, beautiful castles, Bratwursts, football! But the primary concern of every Christian ought to be the 83 million people who live in Germany.

Though many Germans would claim to be “Christian,” very few would understand and believe the Biblical gospel. Operation World estimates that only 2.1% of the population are evangelicals, which would mean the number of born-again Christians is very low.

Despite periods of remarkable spiritual activity such as the Protestant Reformation, Germany is predominately a secular, materialistic society focused on education, work, wealth, and pleasure. Like all people, the Germans need the gospel.

Here are some interesting facts about Germany (source):

  • The second-most populous country in Europe.
  • The largest economy in Europe and the fourth-largest economy in the world.
  • Shares borders with 9 other European countries: Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands
  • 22.5% of the population is of immigrant or partially immigrant descent.
  • Largest Urban Areas:
    1. Essen-Dusseldorf – 6,675,000
    2. Berlin – 4,085,000
    3. Cologne-Bonn – 2,115,000
    4. Hamburg – 2,095,000
    5. Munich – 2,000,000
    6. Frankfurt – 1,930,000
    7. Stuttgart – 1,385,000
    8. Dresde – 735,000
    9. Hannover – 715,000
    10. Nuremberg – 675,000

There are good German Christians and churches, but, no doubt, there are many areas of the country in dire need of evangelism, discipleship, and church-planting. And the number of missionaries to Germany is declining, at least from a North American mission standpoint.

A recent study of North American mission boards, showed that Baptist missionaries to Germany had declined from 111 in 1995 to 89 in 2003, and then to only 60 in 2019. This is a reduction of 46% in 24 years!

So, who will go the German people? Who will reach the urban areas with the gospel? Who will care for their souls? Who will reap the harvest that is there amongst the Germany people as well as the many immigrants from around the world? Will you?

To discuss ministry in Europe or anywhere else around the world, feel free to contact Vision Baptist Missions. We’d love to help you find your place in missions!

2 thoughts on “Pray for Germany | 83 Million People Who Need Jesus

  1. Is possible to come and spread the gospel in German if some one is willing is there facilitations? i leave my job in Uganda and i come share the word of God

    1. Hello, I’m sorry the organization and church I am with does not currently have any missionaries in Germany.

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