Pray for Tomorrow

I kinda slacked off on my visiting and outreach over the last couple of weeks with the holidays and my parents visiting with us.  I took advantage of the opportunity to have my dad’s help to do some much needed repairs to my house.

This week, however, we started back visiting regularly.  We went out visiting every day this week except for Sunday.  We knocked on 164 doors, put flyers through 150 letterboxes in the doors, and passed probably 200 flyers today outside the local shopping centre.  We met several people who were interested in the church whom we added to our newsletter list.  The people in our church are really getting excited about visiting and are a big help to me.

Please pray for God to bless and help us reach our goal of 40 people on Sunday morning.  Please pray that we would have visitors out to the services on tomorrow and that we would see souls saved.

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