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Baptist Churches to get the gospel message into every home.


Dublin, Ireland. 30th March 2009. Every home in the Republic of Ireland will receive a leaflet containing a message of hope from the Bible during the month of April 2009.


Sixteen Independent Baptist churches are working together on a project to put a gospel leaflet into every home in the Republic. This co-operative effort is called “Missing Answer.” The leaflet distribution will start on April 6, and will continue for 4 weeks. A national TV publicity campaign will be conducted in conjunction with this distribution. A dedicated web site will also be launched on the same date (


Notes to editor

– Pastor David O’Gorman, spokesman for the project (and minister of Lifegate Bible Baptist Church), is available for interview and further comment on 087 918 6874. Alternatively contact Pastor Lionel Smith on 021 470 1675 (landline), and 087 918 9989 (mobile).

– High resolution images of the leaflet and Pastor David O’Gorman are available.




The tract distribution starts on April 6th and goes for about four weeks. There is no actual final date but the companies are supposed to be finished distributing them by four weeks.




Several pastors and missionaries in the south of Ireland began making plans for the outreach about four years ago.  So far over €150,000 has been raised to fund the project.  €9,000 is still lacking.


The leaflet is being printed by the Revival Movement Association, who are not charging for the printing.  The money will go to pay AnPost and Door-to-Door distribution to deliver the leaflets.  Also, some of the funds will go to advertise the campaign on radio and television (RTE).



Each of the 16 churches that are participating in the outreach are responsible to follow up with people who contact “Missing Answer” in a particular area.


Northwest Baptist Church and Roe Valley Baptist Church are responsible to follow up with anyone who contacts “Missing Answer” from Co. Donegal.




Area: 4,841 km2


Population (2006): 146,956


County Seat: Lifford


County Donegal is the most northern county in all of Ireland, and is part of the Republic of Ireland. County Donegal is the fourth largest county in Ireland and the largest county in Ulster.     


County Donegal has always had a very strong and close relationship with the City of Derry. Both Donegal County Council and Derry City Council co-operate closely with each other on many projects and initiatives.







            Prayer Coordinator: Gene McKinley – Mullingar (


Prayer Chain: For the entire month of April we will be having a 24hr prayer chain (broken up into 15-minute segments). Our goal is to have several people praying specifically for this outreach every moment of every day for the entire time from the 29th of March until the 2nd of May (5 weeks).


We would love to have your prayer support. If you would like to join with us in prayer, please do so by signing up for a 15-minute segment of any day. Please look over the schedule of days, and determine what times you would like to commit to prayer for this project.


You can:

1.      Commit to pray each day at the same time for the entire 5 weeks.

2.      Commit to pray during specific time slots.

3.      Please feel free to commit to more than one time slot each day.


What to Pray for:  We have put together a specific list of request and promises that we would like you to pray for.




When people from Co. Donegal contact the “Missing Answer” office at Lifegate Baptist Church in Dublin, their information will be passed immediately to us to follow up with. Roe Valley Baptist Church and Northwest Baptist Church are also listed on the “Missing Answer” website, so we could get contacts from our websites as well.


We want to do our best to follow up with every person who contacts us because one is a soul for whom Christ died.


Administration Work



·        Put together packets for follow up teams, which will include:

o       DONE Book

o       1st Lesson of a five lesson correspondence Bible study on Salvation

o       CD with two Gospel sermons

o       John and Romans

o       Church brochure and literature

·        Make copies of the CD with the two gospel sermons on it.



·        Forward completed follow-up forms to Lifegate Baptist Church each Monday.

·        Enter addresses and names into database for newsletter and further follow-up purposes.



·        Look up addresses and group the contacts together so that a team can make a couple of stops that are close together.

·        Print out or email directions and all details to the appropriate follow up team.



·        Send out packets to those people who contact us and do not want us to visit with them or we are unable to visit.

·        Look over correspondence Bible studies and post out the next lesson and other materials that they may require.


Phone Calls

·        Make phone calls to those that we are able to visit or get a hold of right away.

·        Arrange a time for a team to go by and deliver the follow up material.


 Follow Up Teams



·        Be familiar with how to share the gospel with someone.

·        Be able to answer some basic Bible questions or at least make a note of their question and we can get the answer and information for them.

·        Some will want to navigate or drive, be a talking or a silent praying partner.


·        Make initial contact the person within 24 hours and arrange a time to visit and deliver follow up material

·        Strive to visit their contacts within 72 hours (3 days) or as soon as possible.

·        Fill out a follow up form and give to the outreach secretary.

·        Stay in contact with the ones who do the correspondence Bible study.


Requirements for Contact Follow Up


The contacts are of the utmost importance and it essential that the contacts be followed up in a proper manner. With that in mind here are some rules for follow up.


·        Every contact must be followed up!

·        If at all possible make a personal visit to leave the material, arrange a Bible study, arrange further contact, invite to church, and witness to, if possible.

·        Be personable and polite during conversation.

·        Find out if they are saved or lost.

·        Make sure that your leave the appropriate material for the lost and saved

·        Pray for each contact

·        Keep your church informed daily so they can pray effectually.

·        Initial contact must be made within 24 hrs.

·        If you can not make a personal call make a telephone call.

·        It is important to work while their heart is tender and open.

·        Try to arrange for a time to make a personal call.

·        If you do not do the initial contact within 24 hrs the work will just pile up on you.

·        Every contact must be reported upon.

·        If two contacts are very close together they can be combined to help save


Name: _______________________________________________


Areas You Are Willing To Help With (Please tick all that apply)



       Preparation of Copying Sermon CDs

       Preparation of Follow Up Packets

       Record Keeping

       Researching Addresses & Directions

       Posting Packets

       Posting Correspondence Bible Study Lessons (could involve some work for the next 6 months)

       Making phone calls to those who contact us

       Follow Up Visit – silent partner

       Follow Up Visit – talking partner

       Follow Up Visit – driving car

       Follow Up Visit – navigating

       Any of the Above

       Other _________________________

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