Ideas for Spending Time with Family in the Car

I am reading Family to Family by Dr. Jerry Pipes and Victor Lee. In the book on page 54, he gives some insight on spending time with your children.

Almost any time can be meaningful time. Families today spend a lot of time in a car. Do not waste it just staring out the window. There are many meaningful things you can do with your family in the car, whether on a long trip or a quick trip.

  • Keep tapes or CDs of Christian music in the car. This will help make sure what your children hear is wholesome. Also keep available other tapes with Christian material, such as Focus on the Family’s "Adventure in Odyssey."
  • Use the time to report on each other’s day.
  • For longer trips, take good books and take turns reading to each other.
  • Play games like "20 questions".
  • Use the time to take turns reviewing out loud the Scripture you have memorized.
  • Be creative, but do not let driving time be a waste.

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