Mentoring in the New Testament (4 of 5) – Priscilla & Aquila and Apollos

father and son

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Who were Priscilla and Aquilla? (Acts 18:1-2)

  • Tentmakers who used their lives in a great way to help get churches planted.
  • They gave Paul a place to stay while he was church planting in Corinth.  Later, they opened up their home for the church in Ephesus and then the church in Rome.
  • Paul acknowledged that he was deeply indebted to them for all their help in the ministry (Romans 16:3-4).

Who was Apollos? (Acts 18:24-28)

  • He was a vary talented and educated young man.  He was a Jew from Alexandria. He was eloquent (learned, cultured) and mighty in the Scriptures. He was fervent in spirit (enthusiastic, excited).
  • He sounds alot like a modern day Bible college graduate: 1) just finished his education, 2) full of learning, knowledge, energy and zeal, but 3) lacking in wisdom and understanding.
  • He taught what he knew, which was limited.  He taught diligently the things of the Lord, but he only knew the baptism of John.
  • He needed someone to mentor him and help him grow as a preacher and a teacher.

How did Aquila and Priscilla mentor him? (Acts 18:24-28)

  • They took note of his strengths.
  • They obviously had a very gentle spirit (“more perfectly”).
  • They took him aside privately and did not embarrass him publicly.
  • They knew their Bibles and doctrine well enough to help a man who was “mighty in the Scriptures”.
  • Apollos left a far better man then when he met them.
  • They sent him on to Achaia with glowing recommendations.

Mentoring lessons:

  1. We need to always encourage the progress we see in others.
  2. Any correction needs to be done in a kind, loving way.
  3. Any correction should not be done in public to embarrass.
  4. Any correction should always be done Scripturally.
  5. Any correction should be done to help build the person up and make them a success.

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