Mentoring in the Old Testament (4 of 7) – Moses and Caleb

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Relevant Scripture Passages: Num. 13; 14:6–9; 34:16–19; Josh. 14:6–15.

The mentoring of Moses is not something that is directly described in the Bible but more implied.  It is very possible that Moses groomed Caleb for leadership, and inspired in him an unswerving faith in the Lord’s promises.

He was chosen to be on of the spies.  He had the courage to still the people and challenge them to possess the land despite a resistant majority.  Because he had another spirit, God allowed him to live on to go in to possess the land.

Caleb was chosen to be one of the spies as well (Numbers 13:6).  Even at 85 years of age, he had not lost his vision, his courage, and his desire to do something big for God.

The spirit, the zeal, and the courage of Caleb were no doubt inspired by the example of Moses.  Moses became the leader of the people at age 80.  Caleb learned from him that it does not matter what age you are, God can still use you and do great things through you.  Moses’ mentoring of Caleb was probably less formal than Joshua, but it still had a big impact in his life.

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