Technology 101 for Missionaries – Part 2

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We no longer use this service, but it was great for a long time.  Vonage allows you to have a virtual number that people can call.  We had a US number that our families in the US could call making it cheaper and easier for them to get ahold of us.  The Vonage box just connects to your broadband router and then has a phone port to connect your phone.

Google Voice

This is a great feature that only works for people in the US, I think.  (Someone in the US can login and set it up for you.)  It allows you to have one constant phone number for people to get ahold of and can be forwarded to any number such as your skype number or a mobile or cell phone.


This is a great free programme for making video calls around the world.  All you need to do is install it on your computer and you can find others who have the same programme and make free video calls.  You can also get a regular skypein number that people can call from a regular phone.


A social networking tool, twitter is a great way to give people instant and insightful links, updates, and information about your ministry.  You set up an account and then “follow” others and others will “follow” you.  If you download a free programme like “Tweetdeck”, you can do all of your twitter updates from your computer without having to go directly to the twitter website.

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