Are You Called and Ready to Go to the Mission Field?


• Can you give a clear, confident testimony of your salvation based on the written Word of God?

• Can you express clearly and confidently your call to the ministry?

• Can others see the hand of God on your life and the proof of your calling?

• Has God made it clear to you where it is that He wants you to serve Him?

• Are you faithful to your local church, this means all regular services and also any special services?

• Do you participate in the soul winning ministry of your church?

• Have you ever led anyone to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ?

• What ministries do you participate in, in your local church?

• Have you ever built a Sunday School class so that your pastor and church can see you exercising your gifts and calling?

• Have you ever discipled anyone to the point that they came from nothing and nowhere spiritually to maturity in Christ?

• Can you stand alone spiritually or do you need to be pumped up and propped up spiritually?

• Have you had a problem finishing what you start?

• Have you finished your studies, Bible College, etc.?

• Can you explain how you determine the will of God for your life?

• How much pulpit experience have you had?

• What is your attitude about living around or working with other races of people?

• Are you in debt?

• How does your family make major decisions? Who has the final word in family decisions?

• Can you explain and defend your basic doctrinal beliefs?

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