Attention: Youth Pastors

What is it? Missionaries from around the world will be addressing the youth pastors of America concerning the cause of world missions.

When and where is it? It will be completely online. You will be able to watch the interviews here ( Some youth pastors may join other youth pastors and watch together via projectors. It will start at 12 pm EST on Nov. 16th, 2009.

Who will be speaking?

  • Chris Gardner (Peru)
  • Kevin Hall (South Africa)
  • Austin Gardner (Church Planter / Pastor)
  • Taube & Tolson (China)
  • Masters & Bashore (North Africa)
  • Kevin White (Bolivia)
  • Keith Shumaker (Burkina Faso)
  • Jason Holt (Chile)
  • Travis Snode (Ireland)
  • Jeff Bush (Argentina)
  • Matt Allen (P.N.G.)

Join us on November 16th from 12 pm to 1 pm and you will hear from missionaries around the world. Learn how to train, motivate, and MOBILIZE your young people to go and serve alongside these men.

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