Calendars for Chile

My friend Jason Holt is doing a great outreach thing this December.  Please pray for this and help out, if possible.

It’s December in Chile, and people are looking for ‘09 calendars.  Some companies will give away calendars so that their advertisement will be seen all year long.  In most homes you can see one of these coveted, free calendars hung publicly for all to see. 

This year we want to do the same!  Imagine if 10,000 homes in our community had an Iglesia Bautista Fe (Faith Baptist Church) calendar hanging in their kitchen!  People don’t throw away calendars here!  It will be a great way to have nearly 50,000 people (there’s an average of 5 people per house) weekly seeing our church’s message.

If our church is well known in the community… then Christ will be well known as we preach His message… and God will be glorified!

The total cost for 10,000 calendars is only $2,000 dollars!  That’s only 20 cents per calendar!!!  If you would like to help with this project let us know this week – send an email to No amount is too small!  We’ve got to get the calendars to the printers ASAP, but we need some donations for that to happen.  Pray with us about the project!

All donations can be sent to:
Macedonia World Baptist Missions
Holt Calendar Project
P.O. Box 519
Braselton, GA 30517

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