Guest Preacher

We recently had a guest preacher from Morocco, a very good friend of mine, who did a great job for us here during our missions conference.  A few lessons I learned about things to remember when you are guest preacher are:

  • Enter into the meetings and work with your whole heart.  Don’t just do your duty.  Try to share the pastor’s heart and find out how you can help him, the church, and the meeting.
  • Talk to and care about the people.  The old saying that, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” is very true.  Our speaker showed genuine interest in all of the people and this went a long way toward opening their hearts to hear the message.
  • Have a servant’s heart.  Our speaker was very willing to serve in any capacity that was needed, if it was a last minute errand, cleaning up after the meeting, whatever.  The church should take good care of you but don’t expect it and don’t demand it.  Be a servant and be a blessing.
  • Find out what the pastor hopes to accomplish through the meeting and do everything you can to help him accomplish those goals.  You job is to work with the pastor not against the pastor.  Don’t go in with your own agenda.  Get God’s agenda and direction as talk with the pastor and hear his hear.

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