How to Pray for A Missionary

A friend of mine told me about this list found here.  I thought it was a very good list of things to pray for when you pray for missionaries.

How to Pray for a Missionary  

The Missionary knows this is essential.
Hectic schedules can crowd out personal time with the Lord.
Satan constantly works against the missionary’s efforts in this area.

Monday – MONEY

Pray for God’s provision.
The missionary not only needs personal finances but is also responsible for all the ministry expenses.


Missionaries are not unlike all of us. Satan works to bring temptations in every area.
The complexities of a foreign language, different cultures and the load of ministry can bring fatigue and discouragement.

Wednesday – WITNESS

There are many barriers to the missionary spreading the Gospel.
The field may have many languages.
The missionary may have to confront the teachings of the culture.
The missionary needs God’s power to open doors and to share the Gospel. Prayer warriors back home are the hidden strength of a missionary. We play a major role in missions when we pray for their witness to be effective.


Friction can develop between missionaries and local partners.
Pray that God will give them extra grace and understanding to work together.
Pray that God will supernaturally preserve the unity of the team.

Friday – FAMILY
The missionary’s wife and children are important and have special needs.
Raising a family, preparing food, dealing with a different culture, etc.
The children grow up in a foreign country with unique problems and pressures.

Saturday – SAFETY
Travel while on deputation, furlough and on the foreign field.
Some serve in countries where it is illegal to share the Gospel.
Health problems


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