How to Raise Support for a Mission Trip


1.  Pray for God’s wisdom and blessing. If God wants you to come on the trip, He will provide the money for you to go, but you have to work at it.  (I Cor. 15:10)

2.  Send out a letter to all of the friends, family, and pastors that you know (see Sample Support Letter below). In the letter give your name, what you will be doing, the benefits of the trip (examples listed below), and how much support you need. Encourage them to pray for you and to pray about supporting you either with a one-time love offering or on a monthly basis.

  • Visitors experience both the joys and hardships of service as a missionary.
  • Visitors will receive a greater vision for world evangelism.
  • Cultural understanding is gained through direct contact with the people, their ways, and food.
  • Opportunities for preaching and teaching the Word of God will be available.
  • Opportunities to witness and win souls abound.

3.  Mail out a monthly prayer letter (as if you were a full-time missionary), telling them how much of your support you have, the blessings that you have received, etc.  You need to begin mailing this out on a regular basis as soon as possible, to keep this opportunity in front of people.  You need to mail your letter on nice letterhead.  Design something nice on your computer if you can. (After you get back, you should send another letter to this same group of people who have supported you, telling them how the trip went and thanking them for their prayers and support.)

4.  Two weeks after you send the information to the pastors, you need to call them back. Ask them: 1) if they received your letter, 2) if the Lord has laid it upon their heart to help you, 3) if they would like you to come by the church and present the opportunity that you have. (Many times if you can go to a church and give a testimony, the church will at least take up a love offering for you which will help you with the expenses of the trip.)

5.  Drop into churches when you can and talk to the pastor about what you are doing. Dropping into a church is when you go to a church service at church were you have not previously booked a meeting.  Go to the church with the purpose of worshipping God with the people and being a blessing.  While you are there, the opportunity may arise for you to meet some of the people and the pastor.  If you meet the pastor, be sure to be very kind and mention your trip, if God opens the door.  Do not be pushy, but also do not be afraid to give a letter or some information to the pastor and ask him and the church to pray for you.  Maybe the Lord will work it out so that you can give a testimony and then maybe they will pray for you and give you a love offering.

6.  Get a list of churches in your area and being calling them about what you are doing. See if they will let you come by and present the opportunity to the church.

7.  Once you know that this is God’s will, determine that you are going to follow through. Even when you are discouraged and it seems like the money will not come in, remember, “Where God guides, he provides.”  Never let the fear of raising the money determine your decision to go or to stay.  If God wants you to go, then He will provide that you need.


Here is a sample letter, that you could possibly use to mail out to inform people about the trip and to raise support.

Dear Pastor and Friends,

My name is (first name) (last name). I am (age) years old, and attend (Your church) Baptist Church.  God saved me when I was (age of salvation) years old.  (If God has called you to missions or led you to do something particular with your life, here would be a good place to put a sentence about that.)

I am writing to tell you of a wonderful opportunity that I have to help me in getting a firsthand view of the mission field.  I will be going to (list the country) on a mission trip.  I am going to see and learn from the work that God has done through the ministry of (the missionaries), as well as help them in the work.

The trip is a ministry of my church intended to help the people get a vision for world missions.  The trip will be from (Month, Day) to (Day).  For (length of trip) days, I will be able to see what God has done for others on a foreign field.  I believe that God will really bless this trip and give me, as well as all the others going, a vision for reaching the lost in our generation!

The trip will cost (cost of trip).  This includes the airfare, food, lodging and a love offering for the missionaries that we will stay with.  Anything above that will be for any other expenses.  If you would like to help me get to Ireland by sending a one-time love offering to the address below, it would be greatly appreciated.  Also, in addition to the finances, and even more importantly, I really need your prayers.  Even if you are unable to help financially, would you please pray for me and for our group.  Thank you for your time and consideration, and may God greatly bless you.

Through Christ,

Your Name

Your Name
1234 Main Street
City, GA 12345
(123) 456-7890

P.S.—If you would like further information on the trip, please contact Pastor (or Bro.) (trip leader) at (123) 456-7890. You can also email him at

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