Jason & Lori Holt – Chile

God is truly doing some amazing things through Jason & Lori Holt in Chile.  Teri and I went to Bible College with this couple.  Teri and Lori were roommates in Bible college.  Jason and I met for the first time I think while we were doing “lanscaping” (a glorified name for “week pullers”) to pay our way through college.  Jason was always a real go-getter even back then.  He had a great desire to do alot for the Lord and was a real encouragement to me.  We have been working together now for about 6 years to reach the world with the gospel; we are also with the same mission board (Macedonia World Baptist Missions), and I am just delighted with how God is blessing their ministry.  They just had their 2 year anniversary with 164 people in attendance and 9 professions of faith.

You will want to check out their blog regularly to see all that God is doing in Chile.  Pray for them as they serve the Lord.  You can’t be blessed as they have been without having to pay a great price and endure many attacks of the Devil.  One big they need they have is for $28,000 to help with their church land.

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